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The Red Herring of the Teachers' Unions

September 12, 2012 - The strike by the Chicago teachers' union is going into its third day as I write this. I don't know too much about the p...
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The Most Admirable Athletes

September 09, 2012 - Sunday was a great day for couch potatoes. On television, you could flip channels among pro football, major league baseb...
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The Essential Fraud of American "Conservatism"

September 06, 2012 - I spent a few days (for a wedding) in a very red state last weekend--South Dakota. It's one of those states where there...
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An Oasis in the First Circle of Hell

September 04, 2012 - I probably don't have to tell you that travel in America can be degrading and dehumanizing. We are cattle. Sometimes we...
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