I'm a Washington photographer.
Though I started taking pictures with a Brownie Hawkeye a long time ago, I owe my my passion for photography to the Cold War. During the 1980s, I was stationed in Moscow as a reporter for Newsweek. Soviet regulations did not allow the bureau to have a photographer; I had to do it myself. I soon found that I enjoyed seeing my name under pictures more than over articles. Newsmagazine articles in those days were a melange confected by many reporters, writers and editors. The photographs were all mine.
When I came back from Moscow, I started studying photography. Among my teachers have been Karen Keating, Eliot Cohen, Frank Van Riper, and Joe Yablonsky.
Now I rarely go anywhere without my camera and Washington portrait photography has become a third career, after writing and teaching. I like the challenge of improving my work. I like working with people. I like capturing emotions and moments in time on the street. I like the light just after dawn and just before sundown. Most of all, I like it when a picture I've made makes someone happy.