What Annie Leibovitz Hath Wrought

May 16, 2017
Back in my reproductive years--which came so long ago I can't use the phrase, "back in the day" because they antedate the day--it seems to me that women tried to be, if n...
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Pitchers and Catchers Report

February 19, 2017
In the latitudes where I live, the traditional signal of winter’s end is visual—a robin alighting in the grass, pulling a worm from thawing soil. But for me, the spring o...
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Venice and the Art of Decline

January 11, 2017
A visitor to Venice, as I am now, cannot help but see lions. They adorn the city flag, the Basilica of St. Mark, innumerable doorknockers, the newel post of a staircase i...
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Footsoldiers in Hillary's Army

November 08, 2016
My daughter Catherine and I have established a quadrennial family tradition in the years since she grew up and moved out of our house. We volunteer in the campaign of our...
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Life and Death in Chevy Chase

October 11, 2016
There was a killing this morning in my placid suburban hometown, Chevy Chase, MD. The perpetrator was a hawk (a red-tailed hawk, I believe, but I am open to correction on...
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