A Summer Morning in Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens

July 20, 2017
Washington has some world-renowned splendors and some that are so obscure as to be almost hidden. Everyone knows about the cherry blossoms around the Tidal Basin. When th...
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Smith Island Is Vanishing

June 29, 2017
For hundreds of years, watermen and their families have lived on Smith Island, Maryland. The Chesapeake Bay sustained them, yielding its crabs and oysters to their hard l...
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What Annie Leibovitz Hath Wrought

May 16, 2017
Back in my reproductive years--which came so long ago I can't use the phrase, "back in the day" because they antedate the day--it seems to me that women tried to be, if n...
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Pitchers and Catchers Report

February 19, 2017
In the latitudes where I live, the traditional signal of winter’s end is visual—a robin alighting in the grass, pulling a worm from thawing soil. But for me, the spring o...
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Venice and the Art of Decline

January 11, 2017
A visitor to Venice, as I am now, cannot help but see lions. They adorn the city flag, the Basilica of St. Mark, innumerable doorknockers, the newel post of a staircase i...
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