Awesome People at Awesome Con

March 30, 2018
I have to confess that my passion for comic books started to decline when the price of Superman's monthly adventures rose from ten cents to fifteen cents. I was probably...
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Conflicting Narratives on Australia Day

January 26, 2018
The official 2018 Australia Day parade in Melbourne yesterday started off conventionally enough. A navy band dressed in white marched down Swanston Street playing “Waltzi...
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Art, Commerce, and My Australian Cousin Adam

January 24, 2018
I like guidebooks. Before I travel, I like to read about my destination, savoring the reviews of hotels, restaurants and attractions, planning itineraries. The guidebooks...
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Remnants of a Life That Ended Badly

October 17, 2017
I like a story that begins with the discovery of a box full of old, forgotten stuff in someone's attic. So I was intrigued last week when my friend Dave Kelly invited me...
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The Stupidity of Abolishing DACA

September 05, 2017
So, President Trump has decided to rescind the executive order that President Obama used to establish the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, or DACA. In othe...
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